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Dancing With 
The Past

An interactive experience blending digital and physical time.

Interactive/immersive installation


Dancing With the Past is an immersive audio visual installation which allows visitors to experience a glimpse of the metaphysics of digital realms. 

The installation questions the non-existence of time, stored-in-the-cloud-selves and multiplied-identities of the digital by using dance as a material to illustrate the play between physical and digital spaces. 

PETUNIA explores these concepts in an abstract and playful manner by allowing the visitors to dance with the past, shining a light on an all-too contemporary state of having your persona fractured in time and frozen in the system.
The experience encourages intertemporal interactions -and ultimately the act of dancing with our selves.

Dancing with the Past has been exhibited at the Bright Festival in the Kunstkraftwerk in Leipzig, Germany from the 21 October to 24 October 2021 and at Riposte London on the 20th of November in London.

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